Flash Demos

Flash Demonstrations can help you promote and sell your services to end-user small businesses. Demonstrations are available for you to include on your promotional website. Other demonstrations are valuable to yourself only as the Web Service Provider. Gain access to them in the Business Resource Center when you become a customer.

Tool Description Test Drive/Demonstration
WebsiteOS Control Panel The award winning hosting control panel. This is the backbone interface for all hosting service plans. WebsiteOS Testdrive
EasyMail Set Up You can add, edit, or delete email accounts, set up spam filtering, forwards and other functions. Click to run through a set up procedure. EasyMail Set Up
EasySite Wizard Website development tool allows you to build site without any knowledge of HTML coding. Your alternative to outsourcing EasySite Wizard
EasyStore Maker Pro This FREE bundled shopping cart software is included with VMS for the most economical creation of an E- commerce enabled web site. EasyStore Maker
ProStores This best of breed shopping cart software integrates seamlessly with the VMS platform for your interest ProStores