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WSPBusiness.com is a service of BlueGenesis.com Corp.,
a division of Hostopia.com Inc. (TSX:H)


Hostopia.com Inc. (www.hostopia.com) is a leading provider of private-label wholesale hosting, email and application services. Hostopia serves medium and large telecommunications, cable, hosting, domain and other Communication Service Provider businesses. Customers include some of the strongest Telco and Cableco brands in North America and Europe. Each has adopted our application service suite to serve the small medium-sized business (SMB) market.

BlueGenesis.com Corp. (www.bluegenesis.com) a division of Hostopia.com Inc. focuses on the providing private-label services through mini-wholesale channels. Website Development Firms and Professionals adopt the multi-domain service, Virtual Managed Server (VMS) platform to deliver hosted application services to the SMB market. The company also offers the WSPBusiness.com service as a turnkey ‘franchise like’ offering for Entrepreneurs without Web development expertise. This service enables them to deliver Web Services to the SMB business market in a fully outsourced operating model. BlueGenesis provides the infrastructure, Web design and development, technical services, tools and expertise to enable Entrepreneurs to build a valuable Web Service Provider (WSP) business.

Hostopia.com Inc. hosts hundreds of thousands of SMB end-user Websites and millions of their email accounts. As a ‘telco grade’ service provider, Hostopia operates one of the most advanced, secure and robust infrastructures in the world. Across all of Hostopia.com Inc. business divisions, the company leverages it’s infrastructure delivering application services to the SMB market through small, medium and large private-label partner channels.

The company delivers Web-based services on a unified infrastructure through various channels serving small & medium-sized businesses as represented here:


Located both online and in bricks and mortar business locations. Physical locations are in Mississauga, Ontario and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Online find us a www.hostopia.com, www.bluegenesis.com and now at www.wspbusiness.com On the Toronto Stock Exchange, find us with the symbol ‘H’.


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